It all began with a goat named Faye.  

In 2008, our daughter, Samantha, talked us into  bringing home a little goat from her work at the Lake Farm Park in Kirtland, Ohio.  Well, Faye lived happily in our garage for almost four years with her two duck friends before we realized we needed a farm.  Thus, the task began.  In April, 2011, we purchased an Amish farm and during the course of the next six months, the conversion from non-electric to modernization began.  We and our cast of characters (critters) were happily moved into our new home by November.  


We are continually creating new and unique specialty products made from renewable, environmentally friendly ingredients and materials,  and with our “non-sheepish guarantee” we will always provide our customers unconditional satisfaction.   

Above all, Ruby Imp’s is a farm where all creatures live with respect, value and love.


A business cannot succeed without integrity and at Ruby Imp’s, we are committed to: 


1. Respect the customer, our animals and the environment

2. Satisfaction that we have done a hard day’s work producing quality products/services 


3. Honest and open communication to maintain good customer relations.  


Each year, our herd grows and our farm evolves, but that's what a farm is...

a continuous work in progress!


Read more about our beginning in the Winter 2015 Newsletter.