At Ruby Imp’s General Store, you will discover a variety of specialty sundries.  

Crafting unique products is as much an art as it is a science and our products are all created with natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.


 Our candles are made with 100% all natural soy wax made from soy beans exclusively from U.S. farms.  Renewable, environmentally friendly products that are also Kosher, Vegan, and GMO free.  Our wood wicks offer the aura of spark and twinkle, a delight  every good candle deserves and are purchased only from United States distributors who acquire their products from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources.   Our fragrances are eclectic and robust.  Best of all, they are manufactured in the United States and NOT tested on animals. Our colors are delicately hued or vividly bold and blend with any décor and the containers are simplistic in design and appearance.


Ruby Imp's soaps are made with all natural oils that nourish skin and keep it from drying out.  There are never any fillers or ingredients that you don't know.